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Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 17:49:42 EDT

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    If The Courage to Be is the topic, Tillich's theology may be wanting but his
    ontology is perfect.
    Theoretically speaking, when one has abandoned the self, the subject/object
    dichotomy is reconciled, and ontological anxiety is ended.
    In genesis, it does say shame (only extant with self consciousness) came with
    the fall. Jesus in the gospel of thomas does say," When you disrobe without
    being ashamed you will not be afraid."
    If you switch shame/self consciousness (without a self what would you be
    ashamed of?) then without self consciousness, there is no ontological anxiety
    because there is no concern for the self. I got the same analysis from Tillich. I
    found Tillich valuable for his elucidation of the ontology of experience and
    for the comparison I was just able to make.



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