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    >By Aviva Lori
    >Archaeologist Israel Finkelstein and his colleagues are stirring controversy
    >with contentions that many biblical stories never happened, but were written
    >by what he calls `a creative copywriter' to advance an ideological agenda.

    This is not what I am saying, since here the word "happened" is used in a
    modern sense. Each story in the Bible must be read as God's Word at a
    certain time, that is God speaking to a people in a way that people
    understood at that time. So I completely reject the words "a creative
    copywriter", though I do admit that copying by later persons may have
    caused errors, but not to the extent that the sense of the story is
    completely different. I am not going to study the link you gave, since I
    have not got the time.

    Jan de Koning

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