Re: Grounds for disbelief

Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 12:09:25 EDT

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    > "Never happened" and "advance an ideological agenda" are expressions which
    > have a certain "ideological" background. Expressions like that do not help.
    > All of us are Christians, the ASA is after all an organization of
    > Christians, according to its statutes. That means that all of us accept the Bible. If
    > anyone not the death and resurrection has no meaning for that person, and
    > such a person has no right to call himself a Chrisrian. That non-Christians
    > disagree with me, us, is nothing new. Nor is it new that outsiders don't
    > accept the Bible.

    Those expressions you quoted were the intro to the article on archeology in
    Israel, not my personal feelings and certainly not my words. The article was
    posted for anyone interested in Biblical archeology not long after someone
    mentioned Asimov's book on the Bible. What is the connection? Neither of these
    educated Jews, one a prolific writer, the other an archeologist in Israel, have
    trouble rejecting a literal interpretation of the Bible, which is a real issue
    for Christians. I wonder why not.


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