Re: Is everybody saved?

From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 10:58:36 EDT

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    I'm struggling with the concept of "watered-down" good news. :-) JimA

    Dick Fischer wrote:

    > Debbie Mann wrote:
    > It's one thing to say that some of the Bible may be allegorical or
    > explained in terms of false scientific premises. It's something else
    > entirely to say that no matter when it was written or who wrote it we
    > can take the pretty parts and leave the rest alone. Some of it begs
    > for interpretation. Other parts don't. I believe it was Jenkins who
    > said, when you can - take it literally.
    > Where does it start Debbie? When apologists think they have to
    > explain away parts of the Old Testament because they aren't dedicated
    > enough to figure it out or even listen to someone who has, that
    > establishes a pattern which can carry right into the New Testament.
    > Add that to our innate feelings of compassion for all people
    > everywhere, and you have a watered-down gospel - acceptable to any
    > shade of faith and all categories of unrepentant sinners.
    > I argue hard for a literal Genesis illuminated by historical evidence
    > not because it is important in and of itself, but because that too can
    > establish a pattern of taking the entirety of Scripture at full face
    > value.
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