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Date: Tue Jun 03 2003 - 08:22:09 EDT

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    > I think Mr. Faussette likes to stir things up. Throw a little snippet about
    > chattels producing superior offspring and then call out, "Why are you
    > persecuting me - I'm just stating facts?" when he's asked if he supports
    > such things. The poor innocent who leaves a candle burning on a rickety
    > table and then protests that he didn't start the fire - someone else must
    > have knocked it over.

    These things are orthodox Jewish things, not my "things" and they are all
    heavily documented. I made it my business to understand Judaism and
    Zoroastrianism and Rg Vedan man, all precursors of Christianity, in order to appreciate
    Christianity.You can't assume Judaism's Old Covenant is the same as Jesus' New
    Covenant. It's not. I also notice, Debbie, that you are objecting over my
    comment regarding women as chattel, taken directly from a Yeshiva University
    professor's book. I did state the facts and gave you the reference. Go read it. The
    Jewish Way in Love and Marriage, Maurice Lamm, Harper & Row, his brother is a
    past president of Yeshiva University in New York.
    As for supporting such things, the world is what it is. You don't deny what's
    in front of your face because it's unpleasant. I didn't start the fire.
    People in my church and your churches are embracing liberalism without
    understanding the development of religion and its practical utility. That's my message.
    Your candle metaphor is not apt.



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