re: preoccupation with Rich

From: Debbie Mann (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 22:47:46 EDT

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    I think Mr. Faussette likes to stir things up. Throw a little snippet about
    chattels producing superior offspring and then call out, "Why are you
    persecuting me - I'm just stating facts?" when he's asked if he supports
    such things. The poor innocent who leaves a candle burning on a rickety
    table and then protests that he didn't start the fire - someone else must
    have knocked it over.

    The Canadian internet article is scary. Freedom goes, one step at a time.
    That's certainly worth getting all het up about. What does one do?

    As far as the archeology thing goes - the review reminds me of the
    explanation of the Bible by Isaac Asimov. I really liked him until I started
    reading that. The best I can say for his approach is it was highly
    skeptical - and I think that is far too generous. Christianity survived
    Asimov and I'm sure it will survive these 'experts' as well. The experts all
    claimed there wasn't a David until recently when archeologists discovered
    several artefacts which confirmed the early monarchy. These authors better
    hurry with their 'proof'. More real proof could be surfacing any time.

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