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Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 14:31:29 EDT

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    Rich said: (Comment at bottom)

    > I did not pull a rabbit out of a hat. The thread took that turn when I
    > responded to this:
    > > Canadians have their own, less obvious brand of civil and Christian
    > > folk-religion.
    > >
    > Unbeknownst to you perhaps is the debacle at Can Global West over free speech
    > in Canada and the court cases in which certain passages in the OT have been
    > attacked as hate speech - because they were deemed intolerant of homosexuality
    > - but quite honestly, I have posted a lot of data in the thread you are
    > concerned with and you responded to none of it.

    I did not respond to all your data because I did not and still do not
    see its relevance to a discussion of civil religion (where it
    originated), or to a discussion of what Christians' attitudes should
    be toward homosexuality. More to the point, I find it manifestly
    off-topic (even if true), and do not want to prolong the thread by
    responding to it.

    Given our different worldviews, the possibility of an honest dialogue
    seems remote.

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