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From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 13:36:09 EDT

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    It's probably johnny-come-latelys like me that have a bit of trouble
    keeping our focus on the central theme of the thread. I'll try to do
    better! JimA wrote:

    > In a message dated 6/2/03 11:53:48 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
    > writes:
    >> I think a better question than, "What is my problem?" would be the
    >> question of how we got to the post you were reacting to. The thread
    >> started, as the title "Do non-U.S. Christians say God Bless America?"
    >> implies with my question of how the non-U.S. subscribers reacted to a
    >> memorial day, civil
    >> religion, "God Bless America" post. The whole thread about
    >> homosexuality started with Rich's response to a Canadian subsriber's
    >> reaction with the statement, "Canadians are often afraid to preach
    >> the gospel lest the gays protest."
    > I did not pull a rabbit out of a hat. The thread took that turn when I
    > responded to this:
    >> Canadians have their own, less obvious brand of civil and Christian
    >> folk-religion.
    > Unbeknownst to you perhaps is the debacle at Can Global West over free
    > speech in Canada and the court cases in which certain passages in the
    > OT have been attacked as hate speech - because they were deemed
    > intolerant of homosexuality - but quite honestly, I have posted a lot
    > of data in the thread you are concerned with and you responded to none
    > of it.
    > If Christianity is a less obvious brand of Christian "folk" religion
    > in Canada, maybe the liberals have made more significant inroads into
    > trashing Christianity in Canada, given that their media empires (CGW,
    > for ex.) are growing increasingly intolerant of free speech. This was
    > the connection I immediately made which I point out now, which for you
    > formed the basis for an obsession.
    > Sorry if I offended you - if you let me know specifically what I
    > shouldn't be discussing, I'll do my best to comply.
    > If one of our Canadian subscribers could elucidate the CGW situation...
    > rich

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