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Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 13:11:59 EDT

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    > I think a better question than, "What is my problem?" would be the
    > question of how we got to the post you were reacting to. The thread started, as the
    > title "Do non-U.S. Christians say God Bless America?" implies with my
    > question of how the non-U.S. subscribers reacted to a memorial day, civil
    > religion, "God Bless America" post. The whole thread about homosexuality
    > started with Rich's response to a Canadian subsriber's
    > reaction with the statement, "Canadians are often afraid to preach the
    > gospel lest the gays protest."

    I did not pull a rabbit out of a hat. The thread took that turn when I
    responded to this:

    > Canadians have their own, less obvious brand of civil and Christian
    > folk-religion.

    Unbeknownst to you perhaps is the debacle at Can Global West over free speech
    in Canada and the court cases in which certain passages in the OT have been
    attacked as hate speech - because they were deemed intolerant of homosexuality
    - but quite honestly, I have posted a lot of data in the thread you are
    concerned with and you responded to none of it.

    If Christianity is a less obvious brand of Christian "folk" religion in
    Canada, maybe the liberals have made more significant inroads into trashing
    Christianity in Canada, given that their media empires (CGW, for ex.) are growing
    increasingly intolerant of free speech. This was the connection I immediately
    made which I point out now, which for you formed the basis for an obsession.
    Sorry if I offended you - if you let me know specifically what I shouldn't
    be discussing, I'll do my best to comply.
    If one of our Canadian subscribers could elucidate the CGW situation...


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