Re: Gap theory and Day Age theory

From: Ted Davis (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 10:50:16 EDT

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    In Ron Numbers' book, The Creationists, there is a chart of the very kind
    you describe, on pp. xii-xiii. Ron gives an abstract graphical
    representation of three views (gap, day-age, and flood geology), associating
    both living and dead persons with each.

    My own take on this would be as follows.

    Today, the gap position is virtually extinct, for many reasons including
    attacks on it by Henry Morris et al. The day-age view or similar
    interpretations associated with OEC are still popular; see, e.g., the recent
    book by John Jefferson Davis, "The Frontiers of Science & Faith* (IVP);
    however, most OEC are now advocates of ID, so they mute the biblical side of
    their position. In other words, by and large, OEC has "morphed" into ID.
    (I realize there are important exceptions to this, which is why I say "for
    the most part.") One OEC who has specifically disavowed direct association
    with ID would be Hugh Ross, despite the fact that he uses many ID

    Ted Davis

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