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Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 09:57:43 EDT

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    Agreed completely, Debbie. Forgive me if I implied that the church should not
    welcome sinners. That is what we all are and forgiveness is what we must seek
    and hopefully obtain.


    Debbie Mann wrote:

    > I cannot make the Bible say that homosexuality is not sinful. However, I
    > will not attend a church that does not welcome sinners. We all sin and come
    > short of the glory of God. In our own church, they would not be allowed to
    > become members while actively living in sin. However, they would most
    > certainly be welcome. God alone convicts. Faith cometh by hearing the word
    > of God. The most damning passage on homosexuality, in my opinion, in the
    > Bible is the one in Roman and it nails everyone for something and ends with
    > Romans 2:1 and the commandment to not judge. The church SHOULD set up
    > standards for members and certainly for officials. These standards should be
    > based on the Bible. However, the church should shun no one, NO ONE, who is
    > there in all sincerity - except where there is an issue of safety to the
    > members.
    > Visit the prisoners for in doing so you have done it unto me.
    > I'm sorry I don't have time to look up all my references. I'm fairly sure
    > you recognize them all anyway. Jesus sat at dinner with the sinners. I
    > imagine you know that not only was this against Jewish tradition but sharing
    > salt was a broader commitment throughout the region than anything we would
    > associate with eating a meal. And what was Jesus' reply when criticized? Who
    > needs a physician?
    > Faith, hope, love, these three, but the greatest of these is love.

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