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Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 09:40:28 EDT

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    Can anyone on this list tell me whether gap theory and day-age theory
    are still used in interpretations of Genesis?

    I would like to associate the name of a prominent scientist, living or
    dead, with each of these, if possible. I am working on a chart.

    Thanks much, in advance, for any day age and gap help,

    Also, here is a thought for the day:

    "J. A. Wheeler, former president of the American Physical Society,
    Princeton professor of physics, recipient of the Einstein Award,
    portrays the stance of today's science: "When I first started studying I
    saw the world as composed of particles. Looking more deeply I discovered
    waves. Now after a lifetime of study, it appears that all existence is
    the expression of information."" From a book review in the Jerusalem
    Post, May 23, 2003. Review of Science And Religion: Are They Compatible?
    edited by Paul Kurtz and Barry Karr. Prometheus Books. 350 pp. $ 20


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