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Date: Sun Jun 01 2003 - 19:14:12 EDT

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    > RFaussette wrote:
    > In orthodox Jewish communities eugenics is the norm and women are still
    > chattel.
    > And this is good? Galations 3:23? Obviously the Jews do not accept Galations.
    > The O.T.'s virtuous woman from Proverbs is hardly chattel. Deborah was a
    > judge. The O.T. has many strong women and the N.T. as well.
    > It sounds as though you are saying, 'far better keep women as chattel' as a
    > solution to having homosexuals in society. Is that the gist of your argument?

    Why do you persecute me? I said nothing about what is "far better." I didn't
    suggest it was good. I made no argument. I reported two facts.

    I will elaborate. Orthodox Jewish women visit a gynecologist before the
    marriage contract. A copy of the the results of the exam go to the rabbi. If the
    plumbing is bad, the marriage contract is off. What is the analog in Jewish law?
    A woman's sacredness is compared to the sanctity of Temple utensils, sacred
    only when in temple service. So, it wasn't such a big deal when the utensils
    were carried of by Nebuchadnezzar. It wasn't like carrying off Marduk. But the
    analog suggests that an orthodox Jewish woman is sacred only when doing temple
    service or when bearing children. My reference is Maurice Lamm's Jewish Way in
    Love and Marriage. Harper & Row


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