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Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 14:44:42 EDT

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    And you weren't even called a dummy off-list.


    >From: "Iain Strachan" <>
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    >Subject: Re: The forgotten verses
    >Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 19:19:49 +0100
    >Debbie writes a lot of sense here; it is the closing out of love that
    >concerns me, particularly in the bitterness and sarcasm with which Vernon's
    >observations are received.
    >I for one don't insist you have to believe all that or agree on all the
    >details to be a Christian. But when Michael writes something like:
    > > I get fed up with the superspirituality and offensiveness of people like
    > > who assume that those who dont support your silly myths of numerology
    > > YEC have rejected the Bible.
    > >
    >.. then I seriously wonder how in the world you can call someone
    >and then reply by being equally offensive yourself. Michael has frequently
    >on the list stated that he does not understand the maths behind Vernon's
    >theories. Therefore surely that position of ignorance does not qualify him
    >to state that the "numerology" is a "silly myth", and even if he was
    >qualified to suggest it was all wrong, then a reasoned argument is far more
    >persuasive than using perjorative language like that.
    > > I have tried to answer your questions but you simply have a closed mind
    > > heart
    > >
    >.. and the same is true for you, I'm afraid; I've repeatedly tried to
    >with you that this is something that it's reasonable to look into; that
    >part of my own personal journey etc. I have never suggested that you
    >go along with it or that it or anything else was necessary for your
    >salvation. Not the slightest acknowledgement have I received from you on
    >this, nor any convincing argument why I should not pursue this, or indeed
    >seek to discuss it with a group of intelligent scientifically oriented
    >fellow Christians. But everytime the subject comes up, when there are
    >individuals on the group who have responded in an intelligent manner that
    >aids discussion, we don't get very far before you come out with one of your
    >nasty sarcastic statements, like the triangular olive leaves. I've tried
    >very hard not to close out the love aspect here, but it's all I can do at
    >the moment to close out the rising anger.

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