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Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 18:00:24 EDT

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    Given that I am still in transition and have little ability to get
    email expect this debate to be slow motion.

    > from: "Dr. Blake Nelson" <>
    > date: Fri, 30 May 2003 01:50:10
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    > subject: Re: An interesting atheist book
    > Historians do read the 19th Century literature, they
    > also use a far broader set of resources than Glenn
    > gives them credit for. Perhaps a little primer on
    > different historical methodological approaches would
    > help to explain why good historians doing solid
    > historical work do not reach the same conclusion as
    > Glenn.

    It is interesting that I just reviewed a book for ASA on 19th century
    impact of evolution on victorian society. I would cite that author
    as a prime example of not reading very much 19th century literature.
    He cited only 5 or so authors from that century. All the rest were
    historical books stating what that historian thought about the 19th
    century. Primary data should be ...well...primary in any valid
    research. Sorry, but I think it rather poor to write books on the
    19th century by predominantly citing 20th century historians. If such
    is the methodology of modern historical research, then I would
    suggest it is a very sad state of affairs.

    It is like a person writing a book on the Roman Empire without citing
    any of the ancient writers who were actually there.

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