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Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 15:21:54 EDT

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    > The precise story, courtesy of Joel Peter Anderson <>:

    The source of the wording of the story is from here:,1413,109~5517~1424896,00.html

    Finally, as the rainfall increased, parade participants and residents
    alike gathered in front of the Community Church and around the war
    memorial dedicated to those from town who served in all of the nation's
    past conflicts.

    "Where do we get such men as these?" asked state Rep. Robert Hargraves
    (R-Groton) during this ceremony.

    Hargraves extolled the sacrifices made by all those "who have answered
    the call to defend our freedom for 200 years they were our comrades our
    children and grandchildren."

    Hargraves recounted a recent story about the Archbishop of Canterbury
    asking Secretary of State Colin Powell at a function what the intentions
    of the United States were in Iraq. In response, Powell stated that when
    the United States sent its men into peril, all it ever asked in return
    was a place to bury the fallen.

    After that, concluded Hargraves, "it became very quiet in the room."

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