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Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 11:38:45 EDT

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    I do not understand why "God bless America" would offend anyone.

    If I say "God bless you" to my sons, are their friends offended?

    Does saying "God bless America mean I do not also pray for the whole world
    where Satan prowls as a wolf in sheep's clothing seeking to destroy?

    Forgive me, but in Jonathan's attitude I find the roots of the anti-personal
    liberty, big government trend in Australia.

    Could it be that the writer is oblivious to the role the USA played in
    keeping them free. The Japanese Empire and its children of the sun god
    would have dominated the western Pacific, Australia included, had they not
    miscalculated and attacked Pearl Harbor.

    Perhaps the rest of the world should look at the graveyards in foreign lands
    full of American's who died there in their defense and say "God bless
    America", too.

    How many would still be alive had the USA entered WWII when Japan invaded
    China or Hitler invaded Eastern Europe?

    The Archbishop of Canterbury was showing a cathedral to Colon Powell. The
    cleric asked him why America seemed to want to take over the world. Powell
    replied that America's by the ten's of thousands had died in foreign lands
    to keep them free, yet all the land America had ever asked in return was
    just enough to bury them in. The Archbishop went silent.

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    > From Tue May 27 23:13:45 2003
    > From Jonathan Clark, who sent this to me regarding my question about
    > what non-US Christians felt when the read posts about God Bless
    > America. I post it with permission.
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    > Hi Joel
    > Although I no longer subscribe, I do surf the ASA discussion from time to
    > time. I could not let this question pass by. Here in Australia many
    > say in response to "God Bless America" "God help the rest of us!"
    > The confluence of a particular strand of Us political thought and
    > fundamentalism I find quite disturbing. Not that people should not have
    > the freedom to think that way but that it should be seen to be the only
    > Christian response. it was one of the reasons I left the ASA discussion.
    > Blessing
    > Jon
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