Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"

Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 10:02:27 EDT

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    > There is no such thing as a gay Christian>>

    > Experiences and testimonies of so many refute this that I don't need to.

    Personal experiences and testimonies are "personally" valid. Behavioral
    anarchy is not utopia. You don't need to refute that either. It's self evident. I
    don't know where you live but I have witnessed gays at first hand and many die
    as a result of working the baths or the glory holes. Some of the nicest gays
    are the most submissive and abused and die of STDs early. That's the picture
    (besides long term commitments) you didn't provide.

    What of His experience and testimony? He solidified marriage between a man
    and a woman for life.


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