Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"

From: Sondra Brasile (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 09:17:48 EDT

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    I just don't understand why you brazenly ignore the unequivocal words in the
    Bible that describe, in detail, homosexual "union" regardless of the
    situation (intimate or non-intimate) as an abomination to God.

    God made humans to engage in sexual acts; you can say they are "born that
    way" but God has put strict limits on this innate desire. There are tons of
    examples of things we may be "born to do" (eat, have sex, talk, get angry)
    that we are forbidden to engage in, or limited in our use of, under certain
    circumstances. I would be willing to bet they can find the gene that gives
    us our genetic sex drive, but God has prescribed *limits*! How 'natural' is
    intercourse? When we go outside of these limits it is called sin.

    So what is the measure of sin then, John? Emotions? Our 'world view'? Do we
    have any guide or is it just 'if it feels good do it'? That doesn't sound
    like our personal God, how will he hold us responsible at the judgement seat
    when he failed to clearly state the 'rules of the game'?

    I have fallen into this same situation with my own kids again and again and
    a *just* human cannot require their kids to guess at the *right way* and
    then punish them when they get it wrong, therefore a just GOD could never
    require us to just guess at the "rules" and spend eternity mulling over (or
    whatever Hell is) why he punished us for something that wasn't clearly
    stated as sin, but he did. I'd say unless you're reading the wrong Bible
    it's pretty clear-cut, cut and dried, but still you ignore it? I just don't
    get it. Apparently, my husband has had TOTALLY sinful (adulterous)
    relationships that were completely intimate and loving, how can degree of
    intimacy change the rules? Or make the rules?

    Burgy, you seem like a genuis to me, but on this one point you seem to have
    blinders on. I'm being honest, I hope you don't take that as a mean comment.


    >From: Burgy <>
    >Subject: Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"
    >Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 00:29:32 GMT
    >Wally wrote: "I think, John, that one can argue for any one of a number of
    >things based upon so called logic. The question to me is what does one
    >define as "sin"."
    >I quite agree.
    >"Are we free to make our own definitions or do we believe that there is a
    >higher standard set down by God and described in what we call our holy
    >As my statement on my website says clearly, and as I have stated here
    >several times, What God calls sin I must also call sin.
    >What I also claim is that a good case can (and has) been made that an
    >intimate same-sex union of two adults is no more sin than a union of a
    >male/female. The case continues by noting that persons claiming otherwise
    >may be adding to God's word.
    >I hope that much is clear and that you will take the time to study the
    >several positions (including ones favorable to your peresent view) on my
    >Burgy (John Burgeson)
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