Do gays in a committed relationship believe they are sinning?

From: Burgy (
Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 14:58:41 EDT

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    Sondra asked if gays saw their activities as "a vice."

    I can only speak to those I've known as close friends. Last week my wife and I were invited to view the commitment video made when our two friends (female) decided to become a couple. X had been married, had one child, and her husband was killed in an accident. Y has been in an abusive relationship, two children, divorced. Their children were young adults when they met and fell in love.

    The commitment ceremony, conducted by an Episcopal Priest, was catrefully NOT called a marriage. But it did include the conventional vows of fidekity. They would regard straying from the relationship, now in its 8th year, as sin. But not the relationship itself.

    I've had conversations with A and B, (male) which parallels this, and casual conversations with several others, including one who is not in a committed relationship and thinks "sleeping around" to be something scripture commands her not to do.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm in the midst of a move -- will not be checking in here except perhaps weekly for awhile.

    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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