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Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 00:57:25 EDT

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    ASA List Members,

    Tonight you will have received several old posts from the past few
    weeks, mostly by Keith Miller. The fact that these did not get posted
    in a timely fashion is entirely my fault and I apologize to Keith for
    my neglect. If your mail client sorts mail by date, these may appear
    way back in your In box (or your date-sorted ASA List box). You might
    want to sort by sender and look for Keith if you want to read these.
    (Or you can look at the web archives at where they will
    appear near the top of the list since they were added to the web
    archive just tonight.)

    You will recall that any post submitted by someone who is not a
    member of the list must be moderated. This has effectively eliminated
    spam from public view on our list. (I still see lots of it!) However,
    90% of messages submitted by non-members are spam. Due to end of
    semester busy-ness and a week long meeting in the middle of May, I
    neglected to look closely at all of the messages that needed
    moderating, so some legitimate messages were not posted to the
    group--several of these were Keith's.

    Again, since we have somewhat successfully eliminated SPAM and the
    noise here is not as bad as it had become (although there is still
    some undisciplined posting), I would encourage those who wish to post
    regularly or semi-regularly to subscribe to the list so that your
    posts come through unmolested by the moderator. Get to know your
    email filter procedure--you can filter ASA list mail to a mailbox and
    only look at it every few days if you like. I have my filters set up
    so that I only get 5-10 emails (out of over 500/day) in my In box.
    Everything else gets filtered and organized by the computer.


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