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From: Keith Miller (
Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 22:09:53 EDT

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    > Respectfully, I would differ with you on this. God is an entity
    > entirely outside of time. He does not experience the
    > moment-to-momentness of our life. Eternity is an instant to him;
    > past, present, and future are synonymous from his perspective. Because
    > of that, He knows with perfect clarity what the future is. In my
    > mind, it is not necessary to see a dichotomy here with regard to our
    > free will. The fact that He knows, perfectly, what we will do does
    > not mean that that action is determined. We are completely free to
    > choose, but because he sees "tomorrow" as clearly as "today," he has
    > simply observed our choice already. As a matter of fact, he observed
    > our choices before we or anything else came to be.

    If you want to read a very good argument for God being in time and the
    future being truely open to the decisions of God's creatures, I would
    recommend the book "The Openness of God" (InterVarsity Press, 1994)
    with contributions by Clark Pinnock, Richard Rice, John sanders,
    William Hasker, and David Basinger. A God is omnipotent can still be a
    God to whom the future is open, and whose creatures decisions really
    determine the course of events. This does not prohibit the sure
    accomplishment of God's will.

    I am currently in the process of reading this book.


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