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Date: Thu May 29 2003 - 00:37:04 EDT

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    > Hello friends:
    > Can anyone point me to a good reference that specifically addresses the
    > creationist theological assertion that no scientific theory or theology can
    > be valid if it allows for there to be physical death before the fall?

    Augustine, the person who is commonly credited with first articulating
    the doctrine of original sin, believed that there was death before the
    fall. He expressed this conviction in his commentary, "On the Literal
    Meaning of Genesis." (Davis A. Young, PSCF, 40.1:42-45 March 1988,

    Regarding the attribution of Augustine to the doctrine of "original
    sin", I am slightly cautious. I heard it in a church history class
    from a careful instructor, and have heard it elsewhere. However,
    Augustine is also almost universally credited with being the
    originator of Just War theory, when in fact, to the degree that his
    many writings can be coherently systematized, he holds to something
    quite different (see Christian Love and Just War: Moral Paradox and
    Political Life in St. Augustine). Thus caution about his roll in the
    idea of original sin may be wise.

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