Re: Guilt by association

From: Keith Miller (
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 22:46:08 EDT

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    > However, it is not perfectly clear to those who have swallowed the
    > young earth/atheism dichotomy. I have seen Behe commended as proving
    > YEC and the separate creation of all species (by someone who read the
    > book); Johnson is also hailed as justifying YEC. Johnson seems to
    > actively dodge the issue; I have not seen much comment from Behe.
    > Although it is clearly a misunderstanding, it is sufficiently popular
    > to make further clarification advisable.

    I have also frequently encountered YECs who use ID advocates as support
    for their views. There was a letter to the editor in my paper during
    the Kansas science standards mess that used Behe and Michael Denton in
    support of YEC views.

    There was a very strong YEC/ID alliance during the Kansas Board of
    Education fight over science standards.


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