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Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 14:29:58 EDT

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    In response to Sondra, Rich and Gordon:

    I agree fully with Moorad: Romans 10:9 & 10 define Christian. One doesn't
    get cleaned up first and then finally get to become a Christian. God has to
    clean us up afterward. And while we are pure due to Christ's blood, we never
    get to the point where our lives are pure due to our actions.

    Sondra's letter packs a wallop.

    I know from previous e-mail that she condones working with the 'sinner'.

    It takes more wisdom than I have to discern between a person serving sin
    rather than Jesus as Lord, and a person being too immature in Christ to get
    beyond a habitual sin.

    I am struggling with many family members who cannot accept that God would
    reject anyone who prays to God. There sole reason for rejecting Christianity
    is its exclusivity. There is a line, drawn by society, separating those who
    victimize from those who are consenting adults. This group of people who
    believe that "Christians are cruel" believe that the latter, if they seek
    God, should be saved. The Bible does not say this.

    Drawing a hard line for myself, and a less hard line for those with whom I
    am yoked, is one thing. Drawing it for 'consentual sinful adults' is
    something else. I struggle with this issue.

    Debbie Mann, PE
    Debbie Mann Consulting

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