RE: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"

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Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 14:01:56 EDT

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    Let us not lose sight that the sins of the flesh are not the worst sins. C.S. Lewis makes it clear in "Mere Christianity" that Pride is the worst sin and I am sure many of us, especially those who think well of themselves, are the worst offenders. The sin of Satan was Pride not Sex!



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                    Let me ask you the reverse question. Suppose homosexuality were the norm,
                    and you wished to be a minister but would have to renounce your
                    heterosexual union and repent of it to do so? Think of how hard that
                    would be. I have tried this thought experiment, assuming that I really
                    really felt the call of our Lord to ministry. The real thing would tear
                    me up.

            If homosexuality were the norm and all clergy and laity were homosexual, all human life would end in a generation and everything made in the image and likeness of God would be gone. Think of how hard that would be? That's my argument for the primacy of traditional family and observing the Levitical prohibitions.
            Do we invite extinction and modify the religion which has evolved to advance the reproductive interests of its practitioners so as not to hurt the feelings of the undisciplined?
            There is no poof that homosexuality is genetically determined. A tendency toward homosexuality based on effeminate physical attributes perhaps, but not homosexual behavior.
            What's more important - your feelings torn up or the extinction of your family, tribe, nation or race (oops - no races, no nations)?

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