Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"

Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 12:01:42 EDT

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    > Do gay Christians protest? There are many such, you know.
    > > >
    > > > I am personally acquainted with about 8 of them, two of them are in
    > > > seminary studying for the ministry. Yesterday I met one who will
    > > > graduate from Union Seminary next Sunday with a 4.0 average. And she is
    > > > hurting just as much as our brothers and sisters of color hurt in the
    > > > days of Jim Crow.

    There is no such thing as a gay Christian. I know you're trying to push the
    idea, but it is a contradiction in terms. Conservative Judaism does not accept
    homosexuals. Why should conservative Christianity? Are conservative Jews
    hurting your friend by not accepting homosexuality or is it just Christianity we're
    trying to deconstruct in the post modern world??

    "For the people called Christians... contempt of death is obvious to us every
    day, and also their self control in sexual matters... they also include
    people who in self discipline... in matters of food and drink, and in their keen
    pursuit of justice, have attained a level not inferior to that of genuine
    philosophers." - Galen

    Self discipline is too central to be discarded for sexual license. If you
    avoid the Levitical prohibitions you invite extinction. If you make homosexuality
    equal to marriage and traditional family, what has happened to religion's

    I don't know anything about the days of Jim Crow. I know about the '60s when
    the blacks rioted and killed whites in Washington Heights and Newark. I
    suppose some white people down south know about the days of Jim Crow. The Jim Crow
    analogy is a bad analogy.

    Your friend is hurting. Sin hurts.


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