Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"

From: Sondra Brasile (
Date: Wed May 28 2003 - 07:52:36 EDT

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    Do they considered it a vice?

    I agree a person can be Christian and still sin, but calling sin, sin is
    what God asks for/requires from us. It is justification and the pride and
    stiffneckedness that backs it up that cometh before a great fall, right?

    Sondra Brasile

    >From: John W Burgeson <>
    >Subject: Re: Do non-U.S. Christians say "God Bless America?"
    >Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 14:15:39 -0600
    > >>Canadians are often afraid to preach the gospel lest the gays
    >Do gay Christians protest? There are many such, you know.
    >I am personally acquainted with about 8 of them, two of them are in
    >seminary studying for the ministry. Yesterday I met one who will
    >graduate from Union Seminary next Sunday with a 4.0 average. And she is
    >hurting just as much as our brothers and sisters of color hurt in the
    >days of Jim Crow.
    >John Burgeson (Burgy)
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