Re: Moderation

Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 13:15:16 EDT

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    Dick wrote:

    > Balancing out faith and reason is a high wire act. You can't fully trust
    > in your ability to reason, and you can't take the word of others without
    > checking it out.
    > Where do we turn?
    > We turn to data and evidence. The stuff of science! This is the American
    > Scientific Affiliation, is it not?
    > We place our faith in the things we can substantiate with corroborating data
    > and evidence.
    > That's it!

    Deborah wrote:

    So many of us are all or nothing.

    Rich responds:
    what is substantially known can be grasped with reason. Faith is not

    Faith is required when one's will demands UNreasonable and even self
    destructive behavior as in turning over the tables in the Temple. Going to Jerusalem
    WAS typical of 'all or nothing' behavior. The self sacrifice demands ALL.

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