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    Since our Christianity depends upon believing that Jesus is risen, if
    tillich did not believe this, he does not fulfill my definition of a
    Christian. If he is not a Christian, then his writings become philosophy and
    not religion, as having any personal benefit.

    I at first thought the question was whether or not a camera would have
    recorded Christ unwrapping himself, or being unwrapped by angels vs. him
    just disappearing. But, in continued discourse it appears that Tillich
    believed there was no physical evidence at all, but rather that the
    disciples were having visions.

    Excuse me, but I find this highly offensive coming from a 'Christian'.

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    >>Years ago a professor of mine once asked Tillich if a camera could
    recorded the Resurrection of Jesus. The curt reply was "no!"... Perhaps
    better question
    " Would the camera have recorded the three of them on the road to
    Emmaus?" The answer for Tillich, I believe, is still "no". >>>

    Can you give me a citation on this?

    John Burgeson (Burgy)

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