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Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 09:18:15 EDT

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    Just a quick comment below...

    > > Also, the three I mentioned on the road to Emmaus reference is
    > > Luke24:13-35. My hypothetical camera was focussed on verse 31. John
    > > 20:29 could be translated today (before digital technology perhaps) as
    > > " Have you believed because you have photos? Blessed are those who have
    > > no photos and yet have come to believe."
    > There isn't any question that, according to the NT, some people
    > saw the risen
    >Christ. But it's begging the question to conclude from that that a camera
    >would have
    >recorded the same thing.
    > N.B. I'm not arguing that it _wouldn't_ have. I don't
    > know. But it isn't
    >heretical in itself to say that a camera would have recorded nothing.

    yes, one can argue that the sightings of the risen Christ might not have
    been seen by a camera. But one has to wonder what a running camera would
    have recorded if placed inside the tomb with the dead body, which was gone
    a couple of days later. Somehow, the body disappeared.


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