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From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 11:34:41 EDT

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    Paul writes

    >>A work credited to an omnipotent being of truth doesn't misrepresent

    >If you have no objective basis for your major premise, you have no
    objective basis for your conclusion that Genesis was not inspired by God,
    and hence you have no objective basis for your decision to turn to atheism.>

    Paul, I just don't know how much more objective it gets
    than this. My next response may be off-list as I don't
    feel like being seen as a trouble maker. As I've said
    before, this doesn't seem like a "friendly" environment
    to discuss atheism-Christianity.

    >Consider this:
    There really was a missionary once who went to a primitive tribe in New
    Guinea. He knew that in fact (in truth, in reality) the text of John 1:29
    referring to Jesus says, "Behold the _lamb_ of God." The Greek word cannot
    be correctly translated any other way. But, this tribe had no knowledge of
    lambs, and pigs were the basis of its social and economic existence. Pigs
    were very highly esteemed. So, the missionary translated the verse and
    presented to this tribe as the word of God, "Behold the pig of God."

    When the tribe grows up intellectually and finds out that the missionary
    knew better and still misrepresented the actual facts (what the text really
    says), will what the missionary did be a good reason for no longer trusting
    him with regard to the religion he set before them?

    Or, given the original primitive state of the tribe, was this
    misrepresentation of the facts a testimony to the missionary's wisdom and

    Considered. Unfortunately this just points up the
    "sloppiness" of Christianity. Christians disagree with
    each other about just about everything, including Bible

    Your heart is in the right place, but you are making a
    large stretch that I couldn't make in good faith (pardon
    the pun :-)


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