Faith and Reason

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Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 10:33:35 EDT

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    >>The first phrase is 180 degrees out. Reason is the antithesis of
    >>faith. Why quote any further?
    >I disagree completely that reason is the antithesis of faith.

    Completely? Let me give an example. I asked my high-school age daughter
    why I had not seen her interim grade report. She replied that it hadn't
    come out yet. Now let's see ... There are only three more weeks of school
    before she gets her final report card.

    Do I take it on faith that she is telling me the truth? (She has been
    known to fabricate on occasion.) Or do I submit to reason and assume she
    did fabricate because interim grade reports should have come out long ago?

    Neither. I call the school and find out. That's the point.

    Reason is unreliable. Drive down the highway and concentrate on quantum
    theory where 99.99% of the road is nothing at all. Give you confidence in
    the next turn?

    Faith can be misplaced. YECs have faith in a failed apologetic. Yet they
    persist, oblivious to reason.

    Balancing out faith and reason is a high wire act. You can't fully trust
    in your ability to reason, and you can't take the word of others without
    checking it out.

    Where do we turn?

    We turn to data and evidence. The stuff of science! This is the American
    Scientific Affiliation, is it not?

    We place our faith in the things we can substantiate with corroborating
    data and evidence.

    That's it!


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