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Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 18:14:18 EDT

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    > To Rich Blinne,
    > If you prefer Francis Turretin's way to Marcus Borg's way of
    > distinguishing among differing meanings of the term "faith,"
    > that's fine with me.
    > As I saw it, the earlier discussion concerning the
    > relationship between faith and reason seemed to lack any
    > recognition of differences of any kind. My point was simply
    > to suggest that some differentiation among these meanings
    > would be helpful. I was not trying to incite an argument
    > between traditional and liberal Christians.
    > Howard Van Till

    No argument here. I was trying to incite an argument either.
    Nevertheless, we need to look critically at our distinctions of the
    kinds of faith (or lack of distinctions). Towards that end, your
    contribution was helpful. Hopefully, mine was too.

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