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Date: Sun May 25 2003 - 17:35:23 EDT

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    > My earlier question to Howard asked for some sort of articulation of what
    > this theology "looks like" in an affirmative/practical sense. I can
    > understand that Howard himself may not be prepared to provide such a
    > description, since he (Iike all of us) is still working through the issues
    > himself. But can someone help to provide a summary description (i.e., NOT
    > a critique) of this theology, including how it is understood by its
    > proponents as being specifically Christian while not considering the
    > resurrection to have occured in the ordinary, plain sense described in the
    > Gospels?

    It's always better to read original works, of course, but here are the names
    of two historians of modern theology that I would trust for thoroughness and

    James C. Livingston, Modern Christian Thought, 2 volumes.

    Gary Dorrien, The Making of American Liberal Theology, first 2 volumes of a
    trilogy now available.

    Howard Van Till

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