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Date: Sat May 24 2003 - 12:36:05 EDT

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    > I don't think you're going to get a lot of theologians stating their views
    > plainly about the resurrection.

            This is an overstatement. For the views of some modern theologians on the
    resurrection one might look at a book I've referred to here before, O'Collins' _Jesus
    Risen_. He has a discussion of the views of 8 20th century theologians (5 Protestant &
    3 RC).

    > I see a trend to gnosticism, away from the death
    > tradition (entering the kingdom after death) as Crossan calls it and toward
    > the life tradition (entering the kingdom while alive). Since ontological
    > anxiety must go away at death, I've always felt that Tillich must be talking about
    > the courage to be while alive - the life tradition.

            Of course one problem with the so-called "life tradition" is that it doesn't do
    you much good when you're dead. & the whole problem of the vindication of righteous
    sufferers, which prompts some of the OT thought about life after death, remains a

            Tillich does reject the idea of physical resurrection, but is quite clear that
    new life can come only out of death - cf. his sermon "Born in the Grave" in _The Shaking
    of the Foundations_. (BTW, Tillich tends to be a lot clearer, & often more interesting
    theologically, in his sermons than in his other writings. & in the last analysis
    theology is for preaching.)


    George L. Murphy

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