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Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 18:07:13 EDT

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    You ended your recent communication thus: "What I am saying is that YEC and
    any fundamentalist nonsense creates a severe problem to both the head and
    the heart of any Christian striving to follow Christ."

    I trust you would agree that the science that underpins the study of earth
    history is necessarily _deductive_ ; it seeks to determine a _possible_
    series of events that has brought us to this point in time. That being so,
    it is surely desirable that as brothers and sisters in Christ we approach
    the matter in a spirit of humility - respecting the views of others who have
    chosen (in keeping with sound biblical principles, as they understand them)
    to interpret the relevant data of the _here and now_ differently.

    The hardness of your stance betrays a complete disregard for some very clear
    and fundamental scriptural teaching respecting the nature of man: clearly,
    even in his redeemed state, he is no friend of God (Ps.2, Jn.21:15-17); and
    since the Fall, has ever preferred imagination to reality (Gn.8:21,
    Jer.17:9). I'm sure you would agree that facts such as these - which, if we
    are honest, we know in our hearts to be true - should encourage us to depend
    more on God's Word and help us to believe what we read.


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    > > Actually, the first draft of that post had an additional sentence to the
    > > effect, "Furthermore, the mischievous behavior of a few strident
    > > representatives of traditional supernaturalism also functioned to
    > encourage
    > > me to explore other theological territories."
    > >
    > I would suggest that the mischievous behaviour is of two sorts;
    > 1. The whole misrepresentation and intellectual nonsense of YEC and
    > sympathisers. By that I mean the misinformed sustained attack on orthodox
    > science with arguments which are fallacious. Thus distortions of
    > age-dating in attempt to discredit it, nonsense about the geological
    > catastrophic plate tectonics justified from Gen 10.25 - Peleg and so on ad
    > infinitum. With that the refusal to take correction. I could certain other
    > approaches but will get my knuckles rapped !!!!
    > I would not call this mischievous but downright bad.
    > 2. The speed at which those who do not accept these YEC arguments are
    > portrayed first as unreasonable and then as liberal or heretical -
    > the venom of the AIG site. If you dare challenge Ken Ham at a meeting he
    > replies with vitriol and tries to show that you are an
    > apostate/liberal/heretic to the rest of the gathering and often carries
    > them. Yes I took him on.
    > If Iwere presented with the choice of YEC or atheism I would choose the
    > latter as being more in the spirit of Jesus.
    > If the choice was YEC and any form of liberal Christianity I would choose
    > the latter for being closer to the teachings of the Bible.
    > Fortunately there is another alternative.
    > What I am saying is that YEC and any fundamentalist nonsense creates a
    > severe problem to both the head and the heart of any Christian striving to
    > follow Christ
    > Michael

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