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Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 15:40:27 EDT

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    If a camera, a purely physical device, could not detect the resurrection of Jesus, then that implies that the resurrection is not in the subject matter of science. The real question is what human “detectors” would have witnessed if present at the resurrection. I am sure there is a difference between a camera and a human.


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            Graham E. Morbey wrote:
    > Years ago a professor of mine once asked Tillich if a camera could have
    > recorded the Resurrection of Jesus. The curt reply was "no!"
    > Now, was that because of the limitation of the camera (no record of a
    > personal observation of the actual Resurrection in Scripture)? Perhaps a
    > better question
    > " Would the camera have recorded the three of them on the road to
    > Emmaus?" The answer for Tillich, I believe, is still "no". The Creeds
    > teach a camera faith!
            Graham -
                    My gut reaction is to agree with you, but I think some care is needed. The
            creeds say simply that "he rose again." Though some witnesses of the resurrection
            "doubted," (Mt.28:17), there are no accounts of rank unbelievers (at least after the
            event) seeing the risen Christ. Those who were with Saul on the Damascus rode did not
            see him (Acts 9:7). The emphasis on light in his own account of the event give one the
            impression that a camera would have simply been overexposed.
                    "Every eye shall see him" (Rev.1:7), but that is an eschatological promise.
            George L. Murphy

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