Junk DNA again

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    The latest Science has another example of purportedly junk DNA having usefulness; unfortunately for the current ID movement, it is evolutionary usefulness. Here's their summary:

    This Week in SCIENCE, Volume 300, Issue 5623,
    dated May 23 2003
    Putting DNA Sequences Back to Work

    Repetitive Alu sequences are part of the nonprotein coding "junk" DNA, but mutations in these sequences can form coding exons. Although this process is associated with disease in some cases, it also is a way for the genome to evolve. Lev-Maor et al. (p. 1288; see the Perspective by Makalowski)
    have assembled a database of "exonized" Alu elements and identified the particular sequences and positions that can allow the crucial splicing to occur. They tested their proposed mechanism in a mini-gene construct and found that a single mutation can result in exonization.

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