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From: George Murphy (
Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 12:51:02 EDT

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    Graham E. Morbey wrote:
    > Years ago a professor of mine once asked Tillich if a camera could have
    > recorded the Resurrection of Jesus. The curt reply was "no!"
    > Now, was that because of the limitation of the camera (no record of a
    > personal observation of the actual Resurrection in Scripture)? Perhaps a
    > better question
    > " Would the camera have recorded the three of them on the road to
    > Emmaus?" The answer for Tillich, I believe, is still "no". The Creeds
    > teach a camera faith!

    Graham -
            My gut reaction is to agree with you, but I think some care is needed. The
    creeds say simply that "he rose again." Though some witnesses of the resurrection
    "doubted," (Mt.28:17), there are no accounts of rank unbelievers (at least after the
    event) seeing the risen Christ. Those who were with Saul on the Damascus rode did not
    see him (Acts 9:7). The emphasis on light in his own account of the event give one the
    impression that a camera would have simply been overexposed.
            "Every eye shall see him" (Rev.1:7), but that is an eschatological promise.


    George L. Murphy

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