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    That's something that I have tried hard to imagine on several occasions.
    There have certainly been times when my Christian ethics, more directly, the
    thought of God, has changed my behavior from what I wanted to do. So I tried
    to picture what it would be like:

    First of all, I couldn't stand the aloneness and the wasted time. When I'm
    stuck in traffic - I talk to God. When I'm in an awkward situation, I talk
    to God. The comfort is immense.

    Secondly, I couldn't stand the helplessness. My daughter fell off her bike
    and onto her head. God assured me she was going to be fine, even while she
    was semi-conscious and totally incoherent. I've been reconciled to negative
    things before they happened, and totally convinced of many positive things -
    again before they occurred. To believe that healing or recovery from tragedy
    was totally random would make me hysterical.

    I would have no one to 'give me a grip' when I needed it.

    My anger at the unjust would be much more severe.

    I would have fear for the future. Instead of going to God for reassurance, I
    would face only uncertainty.

    So, "Hello, God, Good morning."

    Notice, I didn't mention the sin issue. Without God there wouldn't be one.
    With God, there is one, but there's Jesus to resolve that for us. As far as
    being free to do sin anyway - society really doesn't allow that. Sometimes
    it seems like it does - but it doesn't. Sin exacts its payment from the
    non-Christians, and they have no surrogate to pay it for them.

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    A couple of comments. Sorry, it's late and I don't have time for
    all the formatting.

    1. What you see is what you get. Claims that it "takes more
        faith" to be an atheist just don't cut it.

    2. Life fulfillment: Christianity teaches some pretty harsh
        stuff. It is true that atheists have no hope of eternal
        life. But, if there is no eternal life, that is irrelevant.
        In the meantime, it ought to be obvious that atheists enjoy
        freedom that Christians don't.


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