Re: The Tower of Babel - Less Confusing

Date: Fri May 23 2003 - 01:15:38 EDT

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    JIm wrote,

    > A work credited to an omnipotent being of truth doesn't misrepresent
    > reality.
    > Early Hebrew writing (Genesis) misrepresents reality.
    > Therefore, early Hebrew writing (Genesis) is not credited to
    > an omnipotent being of truth.

    Now, you have a logical argument.

    I would like to go back now to the major premise. I deny its validity because
    it ignores the issue of intention or purpose, as well as the state of mind of
    the person(s) to whom the writing is directed. It assumes that under no
    circumstances whatsoever would an omnipotent being of truth misrepresent any aspect
    of reality. This makes God into a wooden and rationalistic being, and I deny
    that he is such. So, your conclusion is still false because the major premise
    is false.
    If you care to defend the major premise, tell me What evidence you have that
    this premise is true?


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