Culture? was The Tower of Babel

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    >Many cultures have had many religions with all sorts of "real" religious experience. Every one thought they were right and the others wrong. That is strong evidence that Christianity is "just another religious experience."<

    Rich already pointed out that this does not necessarily mean that the experience can be ignored; after all, none of them totally disagree in every detail. Furthermore, this is at most extremely weak evidence that Christianity is just another religious experience. All this shows is that numerous religious experiences exist; therefore, it is possible that any one of them is just another religious experience.

    However, the presence of multiple competing answers in no way proves that they are all wrong. I saw plenty of examples of this while grading homework or tests. Each student presumably thought his answer was right and the other answers were wrong, yet the questions did have right answers.

    >Early Hebrew writing (Genesis) misrepresents reality.<

    Or perhaps you are misinterpreting the intent of the writer.

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