Re: Prayer parallel?

From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 13:40:06 EDT

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    I'm touched by your experience. It puts me in mind of about the only
    poem (song) that ever stuck in my memory,

    For me 'twas not the truth you told,
        for you so clear, for me so dim.
    But when you came you brought a sense of him.
    And from your heart he beckoned me
        and from your heart his love was shed
            'til I lost sight of you,
                    'til I lost sight of you,
                          'til I lost sight of you,
        and saw the Christ instead.
                        -Tom Fettke

    Thank you. Jim Armstrong

    Sondra Brasile wrote:

    > Debbie and Jim,
    > It has always seemed to me, and this is confirmed through personal
    > experience, that when one walks closely with God they are able to
    > "know God's will" or at least be quite sure what God would do or what
    > He would have happen in a given situation. God will "move" them to
    > pray something or put something upon their hearts, some issue or
    > subject tends to weigh heavy on their mind or heart. First and
    > foremost, for example some no brainers are obviously winning lost
    > souls and spreading the Gospel. The Bible stipulates praying "God's
    > will" and if your prayers align with His will they will be answered.
    > It seems like it adds a deeper dimension to the, possibly too shallow
    > or too immature, thought to "pray for anything and everything and God
    > will give it to you" idea. It puts more responsibility on us to try to
    > know Him well enough to know "His will" and to recognize His stirrings
    > and His voice.
    > I prayed His will once that I know of and I witnessed a miracle. It
    > was in regards to my husband's salvation and the prayer that I prayed
    > wasn't asking God for anything. I knew my hubby wasn't a Christian,
    > although he pretended to be and claimed to be, I could see through the
    > act (it's hard to hide that fact from your spouse). God, for weeks had
    > laid it upon my heart to give Him "my will" to lay down myself in
    > order for Him to reach my husband. The way it feels to me now is that
    > He was the gentlest gentleman and asked me first, to step aside, to
    > put myself aside so that he could teach some serious lessons to my
    > husband, I have no idea what would have happened if I hadn't complied,
    > I don't want to know, but I did and it was the most painful thing I've
    > ever experienced going through. In that prayer I attached one
    > condition, "IF IT WILL WORK and you know it will, I will go to Hell
    > and back if it will end in him being saved". Apparently God "knew" it
    > would work because I truly went through Hell. He asked because He had
    > to use ME to do it, I was the main tool He used to bring about this
    > lesson, it was nothing He "did", He only needed to show me the truth.
    > He revealed the truth to me 3 months later in a dream, every detail of
    > things I could never have known, it was without any doubt
    > supernatural. When I awoke from that dream my life was changed
    > forever, I found out my husband and the father of my children was not
    > the man I thought he was at all for the past 15 years (of course I
    > didn't really believe what I had dreamt, so it took me a while to
    > figure it out). Neither of us will ever be the same again (my hubby or
    > I) and it DID work, my husband repented, went through intensive
    > counseling, even spent time in jail, (and one deviated septum from
    > where I punched him in the face:) but he has been a Christian for
    > about 5 years now and looking back, it was nothing short of a miracle.
    > You can't prove it scientifically but if you went through everything
    > that happened and I guess figured out the probability of it happening
    > the way it did by accident, I'm sure it would seem nearly impossible
    > for all those things to happen the way they did to bring about the
    > effect that I had prayed ahead of time for, 3 years and 3 months
    > before the fact.
    > Sincerely,
    > Sondra Brasile

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