Re: Prayer parallel?

From: Jim Armstrong (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 13:24:06 EDT

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    I saw the distinctions you made between coercive and persuasive in a
    post earlier today. I'll have to ruminate about that. On the surface
    would only seem to differ in degree, but I'll ponder it a bit
    nonetheless. Thanks. JimA.

    Howard J. Van Till wrote:

    > From: "Jim Armstrong" <>
    > Just to be very clear, the gist of my query was that it looks to
    > me like answers to prayer are essentially "small(?)" miracles,
    > being departures from the apparent natural course of events. If
    > that is the case, then the discussions about miracles should
    > essentially be descriptive of responses to prayer as well. It
    > seems to me this might change the flavor of the discussion a bit.
    > Jim,
    > I'm running out of time to craft responses to several interesting
    > questions. Check out what I've said so far about the distinctions
    > between supernatural action, miracles, and other forms of effective
    > and variable divine action.
    > Griffin is strong on the meaningfulness of prayer and the
    > effectiveness of non-coercive divine action. My own personal
    > experience would support such an approach.
    > Given some of my attempts to clarify our terminology regarding divine
    > action, I would welcome your continued exploration of prayer and its
    > effectiveness.
    > Howard

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