Pointy headed perfessors are hard to understand

From: John W Burgeson (jwburgeson@juno.com)
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 13:14:16 EDT

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    A few days ago, Dick posted a part of somebody's writing which was,
    obviously, a bit difficult to understand. He followed it with the

    >>Or as that great Chinese philosopher said: "He who, hoo hee.">>

    Today, browsing my own web site for something, I came upon this in a
    scholarly article:

    "In attempting to judge the success of a physical theory, we may ask
    ourselves two questions: (1) 'Is the theory correct?' and (2) Is the
    description given by the theory complete?' It is only in the case in
    which positive answers can be given to both of these questions that the
    concepts of the theory may be said to be satisfactory. The correctness of
    the theory is judged by the degree of agreement between he conclusions of
    the theory and human experience. This experience, which alone enables us
    to make inferences about reality, in physics takes the form of experiment
    and measurement. It is the second question that we wish to consider
    here, as applied to quantum mechanics.

    "Whatever the meaning assigned to the term 'complete,' the following
    requirement for a complete theory seems to be a necessary one: 'every
    element of the physical reality must have a counterpart in the physical
    theory' We shall call this the condition of completeness. The second
    question is thus easily answered, as soon as we are able to decide what
    are the elements of the physical reality."

    I wonder if the "He who, hoo hee" comment would be made on this one?

    In a subsequent post I'll identify the writer.

    John Burgeson (Burgy)


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