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    Re: Response to Howard on Tillich & BultmannThat's really exactly my point.
    If God wants to have a world where people are really able to grow and
    develop and have personalities, then they have to have free will. This means
    they have to have will. Once people have will, they are going to make wrong
    choices. Cause and effect needs to teach mankind to make the right choices.
    If you think God gets blamed for everything now, picture him as a parent
    where he's just rescued one kid from trouble and every other child is
    clamoring for the same gift no matter what the circumstances.

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        If angels rescued every child who ran in front of a bus, all children
    everywhere would run in front of buses just to get the angels to come.

      Well, that's one option that would fit a world in which children (and
    probably adults as well) behave foolishly.

      Here's another scenario for a world designed by the "God who can do
    anything." This God could design and give being (ex nihilo) to a world in
    which all children would, by their God-given natures, behave wisely and
    never do anything as foolish as dashing in front of busses.

      Howard Van Till

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