Re: Out of the sea (was The Tower of Babel...)

From: gordon brown (
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 18:50:00 EDT

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    Your observations about certain numbers found in the Bible are
    interesting, but the way you link them to your interpretation of some
    other passage of Scripture could just as easily be used to make alleged
    links with your interpretation of any other passage, and someone else
    could do the same for his interpretations. No one with any other view of
    these passages is going to see the connections that you do.

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    On Wed, 21 May 2003, Vernon Jenkins wrote:

    > Hi Gordon,
    > You wrote: "What a far fetched method of exegesis! I don't believe that
    > anyone, including you, became a believer in a global flood by this
    > argument."
    > I wasn't aware that I'd claimed these observations to constitute a proof of
    > the globality of the flood. However, in my view they certainly augment the
    > reasons (recently aired by Paul) for believing this to be the case - and as
    > such should at least be properly acknowledged and discussed.
    > As one who is himself deeply involved in the 'business of numbers' you must
    > surely agree that there are far too many coincidences at work here to
    > comfortably attribute these matters to _chance_. And of course, they do not
    > stand in isolation. You cannot have forgotten the triangular geometries of
    > the Bible's opening words, and the derivation of 'pi' and 'e' from Genesis
    > 1:1 and John 1:1, respectively - to mention just some of the numerical
    > findings that harmonise perfectly with the content of my recent posting. You
    > have not challenged these - so why do you write as though the "Out of the
    > sea" phenomena are without substantial foundation?
    > As Christians we surely agree that the Bible has come into being by
    > supernatural means; thus it should come as no surprise to find strong
    > evidence of a protecting supernatural hand manifested in the choice and use
    > of numbers - both express and implied - in the biblical text. However,
    > perhaps you have an alternative explanation for the numerical phenomena that
    > you would wish to share with us - assuming of course you agree these
    > puzzling features are real.
    > Regards,
    > Vernon

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