Re: Response to Howard on Tillich & Bultmann

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Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 18:11:36 EDT

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    George commented on my post, as follows (in part):

    "But there's a positive dimension of Bultmann's theology which many critics - & especially non-Lutheran ones - miss entirely.
         Bultmann says "Christ meets us in the preaching as one crucified and risen. He meets us in the word of preaching and nowhere else." This is sometimes summarized in the statement that "Jesus is risen into the kerygma." While the limitation of the resurrection to proclamation can be criticized, it's crucial to recognize that Bultmann's statement is correct as far as it goes & is very important."

    I am in complete agreement with the above; George has expanded on my overly brief comments.
    Burgy (John Burgeson)

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