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    Hi Peter,

    Concerning the olive leaf in the dove's beak (Gen.8:11), it is surely not hard to imagine there would have been floating mats of plant detritus on what would have been an endless ocean of predominantly _fresh_ water. Our current understanding of hydroponic principles would then take this plausible scenario the rest of the way. It follows that Noah's logic was perhaps not as sound as he supposed.


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      Hi Paul

      Interesting point about olive trees. Sure they are hardy trees but.

      my point would be that if the world was totally covered in water such that the highest mountains were covered

      then wouldn't the "olive trees" be out of sunlight for more than a year?

      That would make them more than hardy trees wouldn't you think?



      Whoops, my email on the flood of 2900 vs the biblical flood got sent prematurely.

      Let me simply add that I do not believe it can be proven or even be stated with probability that if covered by water for a year, all olive trees would be so dead that none could send out shoots. They are extremely hardy trees and well known for their sending forth of shoots.

      As for Nephilim, if the word means "giants," I see no reason why some of the descendants of Noah genertions later could not be significantly taller than the majority of men.


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